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Saski Ford



“When I first met Saski I was an unfit middle aged (50) housewife who hadn't done any exercise for nigh on 20 years. I was at least a stone heavier than I had ever been and a very unwilling participant. I had a reasonably good diet but ate too many cakes and did no exercise whatsoever.
Over a period of 6 months I not only lost that extra stone but I began to really look forward to our sessions. The great thing about Saski's routines is that each time I began to feel that a particular exercise was becoming easy, she would change it, adding in harder and more interesting workouts. One session I sprinted up and down a hill in Bath, each time getting faster and stronger.
I never ever believed that I could look the way I did when I was working out with Saski. I began the sessions by wearing baggy track suits but ended up in Lycra leggings , completely unbelievable for me.
Saski always knew when to push me, when I genuinely thought I couldn't give any more she knew I could, which is an amazing feat as I truly didn't think I could do any of it.
Not only did she guide me towards a more healthy diet without preaching but she also offered me moral support and the desire to believe in myself.
I intend to visit Saski in France for a week long retreat as soon as the house is ready and could not recommend her highly enough”

- Lorri Newton - Bath, UK

“Saski trained me for nearly a year, usually twice a week, often when I really didn't want to do anything other than lie on my sofa. Saski was inspiring and made each session so different to the last - you never knew what she had up her sleeve from one day to the next. Sometimes I was throwing tractor tyres round a playing field, and sometimes doing the gruelling 7 minute plank session. Each time I wavered, Saski was there encouraging me to carry on. Saski was fabulous at knowing how far and hard to push me (and there was no hiding!) - I achieved exercises I would never dream of attempting! Saski's love of fitness and her dedication to a healthy lifestyle wasn't a fad - she genuinely believes in getting us all feeling fitter and looking better. I dropped 2 dress sizes but more importantly I have muscles, I walk taller, I am more confident and still enjoy my food and wine! I really miss Saski now she's moved to France and I doubt I'll find anyone as unique, inspiring and supportive”

- Becky Gallagher - Bath, UK

"Very professional service from Saski, I was a huge couch potato and my life was going only downwards, from the first meeting with Saski I felt more positive, this has grown in my first three months, I have lost weight, become fitter and my confidence goes from strength to strength. I have chronic asthma and other health problems and Saski has created a programme especially for me based on this, I cannot praise her high enough. I look forward to my training each week and I feel I can achieve my goal of losing 40 kilos and getting fit with her help."

- Helen Strassen - France

I have been working with Saski at Limelight Fitness for nearly a year now and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me.
Saski has helped me attain both short and long term goals which we set together. She is always there when I need encouragement and has explained the science of nutrition in a way that is clear and that I can now understand.
Our workout sessions are always a mix of fun and hard work which I enjoy immensely and Saski always keeps my programme under review to meet my changing needs and to keep challenging me.
The weekly bootcamps are fun and challenging and its great to meet up with other people on the same journey as myself.
In the time that I have been at Limelight Fitness I feel so much fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier than I have been in years.
Big Thank You to Saski xx

- Fiona Webster - France

I have been going to Saski for personal training for 6 months now. Although reasonably fit before my only exercise was dog walking and the occasional bike ride. My goal was to get fitter, become more toned and in due course, lose weight. Saski visited and devised a fitness programme for me. I attend 2 x 1 hour personal training sessions each week with optional hour long boot camps once or twice a week. As my strength has increased so my programme has been adapted to push me further and we have regularly reviewed the end goals with an increased emphasis now on nutrition and diet. As someone who lacks self discipline when it comes to exercise I would thoroughly recommend Saski - she constantly monitors and encourages progress. I certainly feel more energised and positive in general.

- Debbie Spark-Hall - France