Jul 2015

The Commune Picnic Day Out By The River.

They do know how to enjoy themselves!

We enjoyed a lovely French 3 course meal out by the river today.
The food was delicious, weather was beautiful the company fab.

What more could you want…


Bastille Day/Evening Fireworks

What a fab evening of fireworks in Le Dorat!

A lovely meal out with friends to Le Petit Fontaine, then a walk into town to see the fireworks outside the Mairie followed by a marching band procession back up to the top square for some dancing! Fab!!

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Repairing The Windows and Shutters

This is going to be a pretty big job to get these looking good again but…

Work has already begun on the restoration and repair of these beautiful old window and shutters.

We have already done the front ones which now makes the street look a little more tidy. And with the repair to the front windows, we have bought 2 lovely olive trees to tidy up the facade and add a bit of TLC.

It's starting to take shape a bit now. Still a long way off yet, but slowly chipping away at our dream.

The middle shutters repaired. Next top and bottom floor.


Partial removal of the ivy to the front, just that last stubborn little bit. It's wrapped around the wiring so have to be careful.