Jul 2014

Our New Adventure


After what seemed to be a ridiculous moving in period the dog and
I finally arrived on the 31st July 2014.

I say the dog and
I, because last night as we were getting all our documents ready I realised that my daughter’s and the dog’s passports were in the filing cabinet in France (you can see the offending cabinet coming off the back of the lorry in my post “First Load. Arrived Safe And Well” )

So I spent most of yesterday packing the van and running around trying to resolve the problem.

Turns out they won’t issue children’s passports in a day so that left the dog. If I could get another passport for the dog then my mum and daughter could travel by air if I send my daughter’s passport back by post.


The ferry was booked and the van was packed so it seemed crazy to waste the ticket. £60 later (I can’t believe it costs that much for a dog passport!) The dog and I were on our way...

One 7.5 Tonne Lorry, then a 3.5 tonne and now finally the van packed to the rafters, and extremely sluggish!

Still upon arrival we were greeted by this lovely sight...


Well, actually these picture were taken when we first got the house. The ivy is very overgrown at the moment and needs trimming right back. Photo’s to come.

But ahhhh, peaceful, glorious bliss...make no mistake, this next coming couple of years are all about hard slog. We have to make this house a first class retreat and I am going to record every last bit of it. Blood, sweat and tears!

So hold tight and enjoy the journey towards our LIMELIGHT RETREAT x

First things first though...where is that passport!!

Round 2



Would you believe, it is still not all packed. I’m just hoping now that the van will take the last of what’s left. (famous last words ehy Winking

I am doing a quick turnaround this time. I had five days to load and unload etc with the big lorry which was way too long really, so I’m doing this in just three days.

At least I can drive this van and my mate is coming along too so should be a good laugh as well.

First Load. Arrived Safe And Well


We arrived just after 2pm. Of course it took a lot longer in the lorry due to speed restrictions on the engine meaning we could only go about 50mph...

Still we are here and safe and have unloaded the lorry.

Sleep now Happy


Oh, and by the way, we didn’t fit all our stuff in! I think we may need another 3.5 tonne lorry (said with head in hands)

I honestly thought it would all fit. Amazing how much stuff you accumulate isn’t it?

The First Lot Of Furniture



Well, finally after the palaver we had at the beginning of the week, can start packing up our belongings now Happy

Ferry leaves tomorrow evening so plenty of time to get this beast packed.

Let’s hope it all fits in!!...

New Date For Lorry


OK, so we have booked the lorry for next weekend.

Just got to wait now...

Packing The Lorry Day!!


We were supposed to have the lorry today. All booked, got there and neither I nor my mum can drive it on our license!!!!

Oh well...these things are meant to try us aren’t they.

Still we will not be defeated. We will have to find a way of sorting this out a.s.a.p

In the meantime, I need to go and contact the ferry company to postpone tickets...