Aug 2015

Repairing The Doors To The Outbuilding

Repair has begun…

The doors to the outbuilding are being repaired which will make such a difference. Not to mention keeping the rain out.

The guttering will be the next job to do to stop the rain from pouring down the front of the building.



The window has been taken away for repair…


Starting To Clear The Outbuilding

Work has begun…

We have decided that it's pointless just to renovate the gym, to have to then at some point stop using it to renovate the outbuilding, so we are going ahead with our initial plans to renovate the whole building so we don't have to back track.

So we have to clear out the workshop first and get rid of all the mess upstairs in the outbuilding.

I think the deshetterie will be seeing lots of us soon!

The Workshop…




This is the workshop with the temporary wall inside taken down…


Now to clear it!!